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.:Well, this day was a total waste of eyeliner:.

Spider Gremlin
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Spider Gremlin was born in a shoebox buried under the ground somewhere in the suburbs of Southern England. She was found and raised by a family of spider-mutated gremlins, hence the username.

This is the Weather Pixie for where I live. Now quit staring at mine and go get your own!

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Date Created: 2006-08-09
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Spider Gremlin was born in a shoebox somewhere in the suburbs. They were later found and raised by a family of spider-mutated Gremlins, hence the username.
Strengths: Friendly, creative, witty, intelligent.
Weaknesses: Strongly opinionated, short attention spa -- OOOH, COOKIE!!
Special Skills: Drawing, Writing, Paintshop Pro.
Weapons: An eternity of pain and suffering in the fiery depths of Hell will seem like nothing compared to ten minutes with me and this *sharp* pencil.
Movies: Gremlins 2: The New Batch, King Kong (1933), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Wizard of Oz, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ringu, Häxan...

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